Maintain your website content, graphics or multimedia and other website components for one monthly fee with our website maintenance.

Website Maintenance Services

Online Media Group (OMG) is a web design and programming agency specializing in online website development and marketing. Our services include website design, programming, programming services, search engine optimization (SEO) and much more.
FREE Virtual IT Professional PC Support now available with any of our Website Maintenance programs. Call us for more details or just visit us online to read more at for full program features and service coverage.
Included Website Maintenance Services:
Programing Services
Content Updates
Shopping Cart Support
Graphic Updates
Free Hosting
Multimedia Updates
SEO Services
Product Updates
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Benefits of going on a website maintenance program:
Besides the Free hosting, regular backup and professional web developers, O.M.G. also provides to its clients some of the most robust and efficient web development programs available today.

Our web maintenance program provides a turn key solution for your web maintenance and development needs. Our services reach out to these responsibilities and much more:

Take advantage of our flexible and scalable web maintenance programs and recieve a highly discounted hourly packages.

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Why use Online Media Group:
1. O.M.G. has a proven track record in providing excellent service to our clients world wide.

2. Our team consist of multiple designers, programmers and database developers.

3. We provide a Cost Effective web maintenance solution for all businesses from small to large.

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