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Online Media Group, creators of powerful business & web solutions.

Beautiful Design

We put a lot of effort in design, as it’s the most important ingredient for successful presentation. Every layout is polished to perfection with pixel perfect sharp graphics.

Powerful Programming

We follow latest industry standards to provide and ensure the code used is of the highest quality that is both secure and easy to maintain.

Dedicated Support

We love what we do and provide outstanding support for all of our provided products and services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything.

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what we do

Providers of high quality business & web solutions.

Our mission is to provide useful & beautiful designs powered with robust and clean code. So if you are interested in starting a new project, please drop us an email today:

Welcome to Online Media Group, a business & web solution provider based out of Florida, United States. We focus on business development using custom programming, cyber security & web development. We provide responsive, unique and useful web solutions, powered with clean and robust code and great customer support.


Why OMG?

OMG offers a wide range of professional web services. Our extensive experience in the field of web development, from server management, security and development places us in the unique position of being a qualified Full Stack web solution provider.

We take pride in our commitment to provide our clients with the excellent service and superior quality of work they deserve.

  • Address: 5021 Hayes ST , Hollywood , FL 33021
  • Phone: +1 954-382-8282
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our core values

Our mission is to provide our customers with superior web & IT services while maintaining a long term relationship with our customers.

We maintain focus on building relationships while staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

Our vision is to increase our market share by producing high quality products and increasing our marketing campaigns by the second quarter of 2016.

Our strategy is to constantly improve our development and design process by investing in high quality developers that are skillful and knowledgeable while love what they doing.

services we offer

image If you are looking for a unique & powerful solution for your business then you came to the right place. We offer professional web & IT programming services for small, medium and large business.

We pay attention to details and work very hard to create powerful solutions that are adjusted to our clients individual and specific needs.

image We understand the importance of your data to both you and your clients. With the ever growing security risks and challenges, we constantly work hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to Cyber Security and what is required in today's world to be safe.

As a Full Stack solution provider, we specialize in server management, quality programming and cyber security among other things, all in which are important to keep your business safe.

image As a qualified server administrators we have the tools, Resources, experience and know how to make sure your website is running not only optimal & smoothly but is also secure.

With today's fast track cyber threats, we know the importance of having a secure website. Let us help you secure your web infrastructure today.

we have great experience in

  • Programming Services

  • Web design & Services

  • Database Administration

  • Cyber Security

  • eCommerce Solutions

  • APP Development

  • Server Management

  • Hosting Solutions

  • Marketing & SEO

What we do

We offer wide range of web & IT solutions










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